The World Pantheist Movement promotes scientific pantheism – a modern spirituality that is strongly focused on love and care for nature, protection of the environment and animal and human rights.  We listen to science about the astounding Universe we live in and the beautiful but threatened planet we live on. We listen to science to learn about what is happening to our oceans, ice caps, ecoregions. We work for the survival of our natural world, rather than hoping for eternal life after death.
Scientific pantheism also listens to and learns from the findings of science – instead of denying or suppressing them in favor of pre-scientific fantasies or the interests of political lobbies. We stand for the separation of church and state, for freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion.
We believe these focuses are uniquely suited to the current global situation of global warming, massive loss of biodiversity, frequent denial of the science of evolution and climate change, and intrusion of scripture-based policies relating to sex, gender and abortion.
And suited to our unending discoveries about the vast Universe we live in and the astonishing realm of energy and matter we exist in.
If you would like to be part of this groundbreaking initiative, we would love to welcome you on board and to hear your voice in our forums! We live in stressful and challenging times where it’s easy to fall into isolation and despair. 
Many people find scientific pantheism a helpful framework for finding their place in the Universe, society and Nature as well as a positive approach to enjoying life and overcoming its problems.

What extra benefits do members have?

  • Access to archive copies of the 22 issues of our classic magazine Pan, covering a wide range of topics, from environment, evolution and light pollution, to nature therapy, natural forms of meditation, and pantheist approaches to ethics, crisis and death.
  • Subscribing members can request certification as WPM celebrants, to conduct weddings for friends and relatives (private) or (with acceptable qualifications) as a civil celebrant (public).
  • Access to archives of our older email lists and groups (1997-2013), sharing insights, life wisdom, and philosophical dilemnas.
  • First consultation in occasional polls about WPM services and other developments.

The WPM is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Colorado. We are recognized as a charity by the IRS under clause 501(c)3.  If you are a US resident your contributions are tax-deductible.

How membership helps our goals

To maintain and expand our activities, and to inform the public about scientific pantheism, we rely entirely on contributions from sympathetic supporters. All work is done by unpaid volunteers. No director or officer of the World Pantheist Movement receives any fee or salary or payment other than legitimate expenses on WPM business (which are rarely claimed).

Your generous contributions enable us to:

  • Run an expanding flock of pantheist Meetup groups, free of organizer fees, for face-to-face meetings creating mutually supportive local communities.
  • Running, a high-end social network for sharing wisdom about life stages and living. Discussions here do not disappear in a few days but go deeper and stay in place for others to refer to later.
  • Running a modest Google keyword search campaign, which shares short slogans and messages about the ideas scientific pantheism.
  • Web hosting, domain registration, website security, occasional tech help for our web site, bank fees, state registration fees etc.

Your continuing support will enable us to sustain and expand these goals and services.