Care for Nature is central to scientific pantheism, and the World Pantheist Movement shows that in action. We have saved over 130 acres of natural wildlife habitat from destruction through our click group at EcologyFund, and an additional 128 acres through sponsorship at EcologyFund and Care2. Most of this land is rainforest brought under the protection of conservation organizations in Central America. It is paid for by sponsors whose ads get shown on the pages.
We currently focus our efforts on EcologyFund, where we have a click group with over 1,300 members. We have saved more land than any other religious or environmental group on the site and we figure in the top ten of all groups on EcologyFund.

How do I join?

To join our Save Rainforest group:

  1. Register with Ecology Fund
  2. Join the WPM group.
    [Scroll down to us & click JOIN]
  3. Start clicking and saving land.
    Make the Save Land page your first Web visit each day.
  4. Remember to keep clicking.

Why does this matter?

As a core component of the universe and the foundation of all life, the environment is critically important to us.

If the state of the planet bothers you, then here’s an easy contribution that makes a worthwhile difference. It costs nothing except a minute of your time per day. It’s not an alternative to greening up your life – but it’s a valuable addition.

Diverse plants growing on a large Costa Rican tree

This has benefits for the climate as well as for biodiversity. If this area were cleared for farming, it could emit carbon dioxide equal to what the average American produces in half a year – or an average European in a full year. Your daily clicking can prevent that from happening.

Rainforests are the most biodiverse habitats on earth. Just one acre contains around 300-400 individual trees of 20-80 different species, and each tree is home to thousands more species. The images on this page show some of the hundreds of plants growing up a single huge tree in Costa Rica, each one with their own attendant court of fungi and animals. One tree in Peru was found to house 43 different species of ant.

Who pays for it?

Each page of the site shows ads for eco-friendly companies and non-profits. The income from these advertisements is given to nature conservation organizations. These organizations in turn buy private land in sensitive areas and dedicate the land in perpetuity to wildlife habitat. Basically, your clicking stimulates organizations and companies to spend money on conserving wildlife habitat. You can increase their gifts by visiting, and perhaps even buying from or otherwise supporting an advertised site that catches your eye.

How do I know this is for real?

The World Pantheist Movement has direct experience that it works, because we have advertised with EcologyFund in the past. Our check was always addressed and sent directly to the conservation organization we wished to sponsor – in our case the Rainforest Trust (formerly World Land Trust USA). EcologyFund did not take a cut. World Land Trust undertakes to preserve one acre of habitat for every $100 donated.

Why is the WPM so keen on this?

For the World Pantheist Movement, preserving the diversity of life has always been a top priority. As our belief statement says:

We are an integral part of Nature, which we should cherish, revere and preserve in all its magnificent beauty and diversity.

Conserving rainforest is also a matter of survival for millions of humans whose homes and livelihoods may be threatened by sea level rise or climate change.

Of course you can save land on your own – but being in a team that can show visible collective results is a good motivation to stick at it and not forget, and it gives the excitement and satisfaction not only of your own totals but also those of the group.

How do I join?

To join our Save Rainforest group:

  1. Register with Ecology Fund
  2. Join the WPM group.
    [Scroll down to us & click JOIN]
  3. Start clicking and gathering land.
    Make the Save Land page your first Web visit each day.
  4. Remember to keep clicking every day.
    your home page so it’s there first thing every time you go on the Internet, or make a bookmark. If you think you might forget, write to to ask for a daily email reminder.

Troubleshooting Guide

Based on EcologyFund’s guide.

EcologyFund uses cookies stored on your computer to identify your clicks and add the land saved to your individual total and your group’s total. Without the cookie, your clicks will still save land, but they will not count towards anyone’s total.

Cookies can be easily disabled or deleted in various ways. If this happens, then your clicks will not register for you or for the World Pantheist Movement.

It’s a good idea to regularly check that everything is working properly. Here is information on what you should see if everything is working properly – and how to put it right if it’s not.

Make sure your clicks are counting

Look in the left sidebar on the Save Land page. You should see:

  • Your name and totals under under “My EcologyFund”,
  • The WPM name and totals under “My Group Info,” and
  • Both totals increasing when you click on the save land buttons.

Name missing or totals not increasing

  • Are you registered at EcologyFund and signed up for the WPM group? (See “How do I join?” above)
  • Are you logged in? Check the left hand pane.

If these measures don’t work, maybe your cookie has been deleted or otherwise messed up. Then you have a few extra steps to take.
Bear with us here, this is all worthwhile. Ask a friend to do this for you if you have computer-phobia.

  1. Delete the EcologyFund cookie.
    • Internet Explorer: Go to Tools/Internet Options/General/
      Under “Browsing history”, choose Settings/View Files
      Sort by site, find or and delete all ecologyfund cookies. OK out of all the dialogue boxes.
    • Firefox: Go to Tools/Options/Privacy, click on the “Show Cookies” button, find ecologyfund and delete all ecologyfund cookies. Close all the dialogue boxes.
    • Chrome: Go to Content Settings, click “All Cookies and site data,” and click the X to the right of
  2. Re-register with EcologyFund: enter just your name and email. Make sure you use the same email as when you first registered. Click the “Register” button at the bottom.
  3. When it tells you you are registered, click the link “Click here to return to Ecologyfund’s home page to begin free donations.” This is critical for the re-registration process.
  4. If the above steps don’t work, make sure your browser allows cookies from EcologyFund.
    • Internet Explorer: Go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Sites, paste or type in and click Allow and OK.
    • Firefox: Go to Tools/Options/Privacy, click on the Exceptions Button, paste or type in and click Allow and Close.
    • Chrome: There may be a “blocked cookie” notification in the address bar, where you can tell Chrome to allow the site. Alternatively, go to Content Settings and change your cookie settings so that the site is allowed (either increase the overall cookie permission or make an exception to allow [*.] Refresh the page.

WPM name not appearing under “My Group Info.”

Have you joined the WPM group? If not Register with Ecology Fund and Join the WPM group.

WPM total not increasing.

This is probably a cookie problem. Try the instructions above.

As a last resort

Write to (put “Cookie problems” as the subject if appropriate) and describe your problem. They can send you a link to reset your cookie.