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Why Join?

We are living through multiple crises of pandemic, major recession, global warming, massive biodiversity loss, deep social divisions, and repressive scripture-based policies on sexuality, gender, abortion, climate science and science teaching.
The World Pantheist Movement focuses on priorities that are crucial in our current situation. Scientific Pantheism is a form of spirituality that is strongly focused on Earth, love and care for Nature, and promoting human and animal rights. Many people find Scientific Pantheism a helpful framework for finding their place in the Universe, society and Nature as well as a positive approach to enjoying life and overcoming its problems.

Scientific pantheism listens to and learns from science. We stand for separation of church and state, for freedom of religion and freedom from religion.
The World Pantheist Movement allies with the global effort to slow, stop and reverse humanity’s damage to the environment. We provide channels for friends and members to help conserve wildlands and research sustainable life choices.
We are living in stressful and challenging times that can foster isolation and despair, so we facilitate internet discussion groups and local groups moderated to minimize trolling.
We hope you choose to support and be part of this groundbreaking initiative. We rely entirely on contributions from sympathetic supporters to sustain and expand our activities. Although we are a US-registered 501(c)3 non-profit, we operate globally and welcome members world-wide.

Member benefits

  • Access to special themed digests of our classic magazine Pan, a library of deep pantheist thinking, experience and information. You can also access the original full editions.

  • On request, certification as civil celebrant, to conduct weddings for friends and relatives (private) or (if qualified) to the public.

  • Access to archives of our discussion groups, sharing scientific pantheist insights and life wisdom since 1997.

  • We are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit, so contributions are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.

Your generous contributions enable

  • Running an expanding field of Facebook groups for networking and supportive local communities.

  • Running community.pantheism.net, our high-end social network for sharing wisdom about life stages and pantheist living.

  • Running a keyword ad campaign, featuring short slogans that explain scientific pantheism and link to our website.

  • Web hosting, security, domain registration, tech help, membership software, bank fees, state registration fees etc

  • All regular work is done by unpaid volunteers. Occasional consultants may be hired for specific technical tasks. No director or officer of the WPM receives any payment other than legitimate expenses on WPM business.