The World Pantheist Movement promotes scientific pantheism as a nature-centered and naturalistic alternative to dogmatic supernatural religion. 
It is a form of spirituality strongly focused on Earth, love and care for Nature, human and animal rights.

We work for the survival of our natural world, rather than hoping for eternal life after death.The World Pantheist Movement promotes active participation in the global effort to slow, stop and reverse humanity’s damage to the environment. We offer channels for friends and members to network and conserve wildlands and research sustainable life choices.

Scientific pantheism listens to and learns from the evolving corpus of science. We stand for the separation of church and state, for freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion, and for removal of discrimination of every kind.
We see these goals as key priorities in our concurrent world crises of pandemic, global warming, and massive biodiversity loss. There is widespread denial of the sciences of evolution, of disease transmission and prevention, of climate change, and of pollution. There is intrusion of scripture- or dogma-based policies relating to sexuality, gender and abortion.
Scientific pantheism is fully awake to discoveries about the vast Universe we live in and the realm of energy and matter we exist in.
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