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Nature is central to the beliefs and values of the World Pantheist Movement. But our commitment goes beyond simple belief and words. We aim to provide resources and channels through which our members can express their concern in individual and joint action, and see tangible results.

Click the links to the left for the four major areas of action.


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WPM Wildlife Habitat Scheme

National Wildlife Federation

NWF Backyard Wildlife Habitat Scheme

Wildlife habitats

The WPM launched its Wildlife Habitat scheme in March 2002 when the first reserve was declared by member Sheila Rosenthal. Within the first six weeks six members had declared reserves totalling 42 acres, located in California, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey and England.

Through the scheme members – and indeed non-members – can declare a commitment to manage part or all of any land they control so as to encourage natural biodiversity and native species. Even small areas and parts of gardens can qualify.

The National Wildlife Federation provides technical support through its Backyard Wildlife Habitat Scheme. Signatories receive a beautiful printed certificate suitable for framing.

Find out how you can participate and check out our existing reserves with the links to the left.

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Ecology Fund

Race for the Rainforest


Sponsorship of conservation programs

As from May 2002 the WPM devote part of its promotional budget to sponsoring conservation projects with reputable non-profit agencies.

We will do this initially through well-established Web sites where people click in order to save acres of rainforest or other wildlife habitat. These include the Ecology Fund, Race2 Save the Rainforest, and the Rainforest Site (see links on left). The land saving each click produces is financed by the advertisers whose banners are shown on the page after the click. Periodically, as funds permit, our banner is among those shown. Our sponsorship checks are made out to the conservation agencies, so every penny goes to them directly.

In this way a significant part of members’ contributions are put to a double use:

* They directly finance conservation projects run by reputable agencies such as the Nature Conservancy.

* They are used to promote the WPM, spread awareness of pantheism and gain new members



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Join our Save Rainforest group:

1. Register with Ecology Fund

2. Join the WPM group
[Scroll down to us & click JOIN]

3. Start clicking and clocking land


Click for Nature

Since 2001 we have had a group at Ecology Fund clicking every day to save rainforest and other wild habitats. As of July 2012 there were nearly 1300 members and we had saved a total of 90 acres.

SIGN UP with our group by following the instructions to the left. For more detailed information, see our dedicated EcologyFund page.

The following WPM members are on EcologyFund’s Honor Roll for saving an acre or more:

Paxdora Eileen Cameron
Gudrun Schindler Andrew Millard
Cory carter Stuart Stell
Paul Harrison Amy Eaton
Tom Scully Joanna Hastings