If you want to get your friends and friendly organizations interested in World Pantheism, please make full use of our color leaflets and membership forms.

  • The impressive General Leaflet (12 pages) covers our beliefs, our services, and our goals and plans. Each double spread has text on one page and superb illustrations of nature and the universe on the other. There are also quotes and portraits of Heraclitus, Thoreau, Einstein, and Marcus Aurelius.
  • The Nature and Spirituality leaflet (4 pages) covers the planetary crisis and the need for a new spirituality of nature, explains the pantheist attitude to nature and environmental ethics, and outlines the WPM’s beliefs and actions in relation to nature.
  • The Religion, Reason and Science leaflet covers the WPM’s naturalism, naturalistic view of death, and attitude to the methods and findings of science.

Please do not distribute them scattershot or indiscriminately. Here are some good channels to use:

  • Give them to friends you have reason to think are potential members.
  • Post them on noticeboards at Unitarian Universalist churches, humanist groups, conservation or nature oriented groups, health and organic food and natural product stores
  • Place them on tables or give them out to people who are genuinely interested, at events, talks, meetings or conferences of environmental, nature-loving, scientific, UU, humanist or atheist nature.

Used wisely, these leaflets can be an excellent way of attracting new members in specific localities, and also of informing the public about our ideas and getting more widely known. You can access and print the leaflet PDF’s at https://www.pantheism.net/support/promote/leaflets. If you would like to form a local group, be sure to include your own contact information on the leaflet: there is a space provided for this.