If you are an agnostic, it’s very likely that you have some degree of skepticism about the central claims of traditional religions. And it’s also very likely that you are a person who does not accept grandiose claims without solid proof. It may mean no more than that you cannot 100 percent prove that there is no God. In most cases agnostics live their lives as if there is no God.

Does that mean that as an agnostic you can’t have any kind of spirituality? That you can’t satisfy those complex needs that religions fulfill – community support, remedies for grief and anxiety, a sense of one’s place in Nature and the wider Universe? Could there be a form of spirituality suited for agnostics?

How about a spirituality that does not ask you believe in anything other than the natural world that your senses reveal to you every day? A spirituality at whose core lie deep feelings of belonging in Nature, of reverence for the Universe, of concern for planetary and human survival?

Scientific Pantheism means, basically, reverence for Nature and the wider Universe. Pantheists move beyond the unanswerable questions about invisible beings, and deal with what exists – the Universe that our senses and sciences reveal to us. While we respect the findings of science, we don’t claim to know the ultimate origin of the Universe or Multiverse – perhaps we will never be able to answer that question. Whenever you think you have found an origin, you can always ask what led up to that origin? What was there before? Perhaps the Cosmos is eternal and there is no ultimate origin.

For most pantheists, the Universe just is. And it is so immense, powerful, beautiful and mysterious that we feel reverence, wonder and awe, for it.

There’s no requirement to prove or disprove the existence of some invisible being. There’s only the question: Does it seem right to you to feel reverence for the universe, love and concern for nature and human rights?

Maybe Scientific Pantheism answers the questions you need answering, leaving unanswered those that you feel cannot be answered. If you would like to explore this possibility further, then please check out the information and links on our home page.