[Administrator’s Note: This is a legacy page. Recent years have seen us shift our focus
from mailing lists and newsgroups to forums and social networks. Most mailing lists are no
longer active.
You can find information about
our current online communities here

The World Pantheist Movement has many different fora
to which you can belong. Which ones will suit you will depend on your interests and time
available, and whether you prefer to participate via e-mail, or directly on the Web.

These fora are excellent ways of finding mutual support for your
own beliefs, exploring ideas with others of similar beliefs,  and getting to know
other pantheists either in your own area or further afield.


The mailing lists are only one aspect of the WPM’s activity. They are a facility
for communication among members, and do not necessarily represent WPM official
standpoints. They are almost all unmoderated, so that the tone and content depends heavily
on the whim of those choosing to post or not to post at any given time. The volume, tone,
subjects and viewpoints vary, and a month or two is needed to get a representative view.

General lists

Issue-oriented lists
World Pantheist Movement related lists
Local Lists
Other generic pantheist fora

General mailing lists

Community List

This list is for sharing experiences and feelings
about nature, discussing everday problems of pantheist living, suggesting ways of
celebrating life’s stages and the seasons, and developing the World Pantheist Movement and
its local groups.

Discussion of more philosophical or controversial ideas is better pursued on the debate
list or on one of the more specialized lists.

The atmosphere here is encouraged to be friendly, cooperative and


Join form [if you didn’t
choose this on your WPM form and want to join it now]

Ideas list

This list is mainly for discussing pantheist ideas and beliefs,
and also discusses science, ethics and philosophy related to natural/scientific pantheism.


The atmosphere here too is encouraged to be friendly,
cooperative and constructive.

For this reason it is a list primarily for people in sympathy with the belief statement:  people
who feel a deep religious reverence for the universe and nature, who generally do not
believe that mind and matter are two separate substances, or that supernatural entities

Since ideas can only be developed if debated, be prepared,
if you raise a pet idea, for someone else to offer a critique of it. It’s not usually a
sign of hostility.

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your WPM form and want to join it now]

Pantheism Bulletin Board

This is a Web-based bulletin board with many different subject forums and sub-topics. Most
areas are open to all, but some areas related to the development of the World Pantheist
Movement are limited to full members of the WPM.

You can check this out and register at:
Visit our Web forums
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Pantheist News

This is a low-volume (one or two messages per week) announcement-only
list/Web board for news about the World Pantheist Movement and the natural/scientific
pantheism mailing lists.

When you join the WPM you will be automatically added to the News list.
[The welcome message provides instructions on how to unsubscribe, but remember that you
may then miss important news. If you prefer you can set yourself to read this on the Web

You can also subscribe


Environmental Action Alerts

This is an announcement-only list for people who wish to receive action alerts from
various environmental organizations like the WWF, Sierra Club etc. Please note that as a
charity the WPM does not endorse any particular political group, candidate or action.
Action alerts are posted by members for consideration by other members.  Subscribe here.


This is for vegetarian members of the natural/scientific pantheism mailing list and the
World Pantheist Movement who want to discuss diet, recipes, ethics etc. [NB: the WPM
regards the choice between vegetarianism and meat-eating as a personal one.] Subscribe here.

The "God" list

For topics that have come up dozens of times on the main list and that frequently hinge on
the definition of terms. eg: Should we use the words "god", "prayer",
"church" etc? Are we a type of atheist or a type of theist? Are we a religion or
a philosophy? Subscribe here.


This is for discussion of specific national or international political issues and the
relative merits of different political systems. Please note that as a charity the WPM does
not endorse any particular political group, candidate or action. Subscribe here.


This is for mature and tasteful discussion of personal relationships and sexual
preferences (hetero, gay, bi, poly) and other sensitive matters unsuited for the very
large general list, which has members ranging from 13 to 87 in age. You must be 18 or over
to Subscribe. Please note
that the WPM regards private personal behaviour as a matter for private choice.

World Pantheist Movement related

World Pantheist Movement E-group

This is a list/Web community for full WPM members, where they can talk about the
development of the movement and its services. It has a calendar, chat room, databases,
area for uploading files, and facility for holding polls of members.

WPM Children’s facilities

This list/Web community discusses ways in which the WPM can be made child-friendly and
parent-friendly. It has the same facilities as the WPM e-group.

WPM Celebrants list

This list is for people who would like to discuss the role and status of celebrants of
weddings, funerals etc, or who would like to become celebrants.

Local Groups forum

For people trying to form local groups and to ecnourage the formation of local groups.

Local groups for WPM and list members

Baltimore/Washington DC
California North
California San Francisco Bay Area
California South
New York State
Pennsylvania East
Texas [Austin]
UK & Eire

New local groups are forming all the time.

Other general pantheist fora on the Internet

Spiritweb pantheist

  spirit.jpg (2222 bytes)

This free forum is not tied to any particular form of pantheism: there
are natural/scientific pantheists there along with dualists, all kinds of New Agers and so
on. You can subscribe yourself at Spiritweb. This forum tends mysteriously to "go
quiet" for days or even weeks on end, but generally all you need to do to spark it
into action is to ask a question. Don’t be shy if you find it strangely silent: everyone
is waiting for everyone else to post!

First, register with Spiritweb.
When you’ve registered, click on "Mailing Lists," at the top, and on the mailing
list page find Pantheism and click on it. Check the type of subscription you want and
click Select. You can also visit the list
archive on the Web.


This is the main Usenet newsgroup for pantheism. It is open to all types of pantheist –
and anti-pantheist!   Check latest

Pantheist.Net Forum

UPS.jpg (5759 bytes)
This is the Web-based forum of the Universal Pantheist Society. It is not tied to
any particular form of pantheism.