This is a resource center for people aiming to give talks, sermons or presentations on nature reverence, Naturalistic/scientific Pantheism, or the World Pantheist Movement.

Sample sermons and services about pantheism/nature-reverence:

Using Nature and the Universe as a Spiritual Path
Paul Harrison [Conejo Valley Unitarian Fellowship, Thousand Oaks, CA]

Full service including sermon text and RealMedia recording, hymns, readings and children’s story.

UU Humanists and Pagans; Can This Marriage be Saved? Yes!
And the Children Will be Scientific Pantheists

Richard Hervey [Unitarian Universalist Church, Corvalis, Oregon
   includes Powerpoint presentation:
   Potted history of Universe and Life for children

Scientific/Natural Pantheism

Laura Lyons [People’s Church, Ludington, Michigan]

Journey into pantheism

Tony van der Mude [Hunterton UU Church, New Jersey]
    including choice of UU hymns.

Speakers and performers of services

Readings and poems related to Nature

        Earth prayers, Life Prayers, Peace Prayers

Three wonderful Interfaith collections of inspiring readings for 365 days of the year


Children’s stories and activities

Sharing Nature with Children– Joseph Cornell’s classic four-book series on how to help children experience and explore nature. Cornell also has a Sharing Nature Foundation which sells all Cornell’s books as well as games, videos and tapes.

Chief Seattle’s Speech
The People who Hugged Trees


Music, natural sounds and hymns

Echoes of Nature 1 – 5CD boxed set – rains, oceans, rivers, birds, frogs

Echoes of Nature 2 – 5CD boxed set – thunderstorms, waves, morning choruses

Many tracks on each CD – fantastic value for only $14.99 a set

Singing the living tradition – Unitarian Universalist songbook, with music

Singing the Journey – new companion UU songbook, multicultural hymns, chants and songs for marking the seasons of our lives

Jim Scott: Nature and green songs books or CDs

Earth and Spirit Songbook  Over 100 songs of earth and peace by many songwriters, with music score for piano/voices.

Sources for visual material – slides, posters.

NASA Core: slide sets & DVDs  & CDRoms on all astronomical topics.

Posters of Nature, the Universe, Nature-focussed spirituality

Visual presentations (Powerpoint etc)

Potted history of Universe and Life for children by Richard Hervey

Typical audience questions and answers

Check the Pantheist FAQS and the WPM FAQS


General notes

Remember, alas, that 90% of people’s impressions of a talk are based on how you appear and how you deliver, rather than on what you say. So dress suitably, practice, and cultivate a relaxed and confident manner.

  1. Know your audience and tailor your talk to them.
  2. Practice beforehand, unless you’re accustomed to public speaking.
  3. Check the timing to make sure it doesn’t run over.
  4. Start strikingly. First impressions count.
  5. Add personal experiences and feelings.
  6. Print out our leaflets and place them handy where people can see them.
    Insert your own contact e-mail or phone.

If you actually give a talk or presentation, please mail me the outline plus a list of the questions you got and any answers you gave that you think might help others (especially the clever ones:).

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