We have three informative colour leaflets explaining the World Pantheist Movement and its beliefs, activities and goals.

Please use our leaflets wisely to maximum benefit – for example:

  • Give them to friends you think may be interested
  • Posted with a punch hole on noticeboards at Unitarian Universalist churches, health and natural product stores, organic food stores and restaurants, with a contact for who to get copies from.
  • Place them in Unitarian Universalist leaflet racks
  • On tables or given out at events, talks, meetings or conferences of environmental, nature-loving, zoological, astronomical, scientific, humanist or atheist nature.

Used wisely, these leaflets are an excellent method of attracting new members in specific localities, and also of informing the public about our ideas and getting more widely known.

Black and white is cheapest for printing large numbers. You can print double-sided, with one page on the front and rear pages instead of a double spread. Or print one-sided and get photocopies made. The URL for the file is next to each leaflet image. These files are in Acrobat (PDF) format. You can download Acrobat Reader free from the Acrobat site.

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The General Introduction leaflet of 12 pages covers our beliefs, our services, our current activities, our goals and our plans for the future.

Each spread has text on one page and superb illustrations of nature and the universe on the other: incredible images of hot coronal loops on the Sun, and  colliding galaxies, plus beautiful nature photos. There are also quotes & portraits of Heraclitus, Thoreau, Einstein, and Marcus Aurelius.
English – letter format
English – A4
Russian – A4


The Nature leaflet covers  the current planetary crisis and the need for a new spirituality of nature. It explains the pantheist attitude to nature and environmental ethics, and the WPM’s beliefs and actions and plans in relation to nature. This has quotes from Emerson and Marcus Aurelius.

The Nature leaflet would be of special use at nature and environment type gatherings, meetings of more rational pagans, wholefood shops, etc.

US version (letter)
UK Version (A4)


The Reason and Science leaflet covers our naturalism, our naturalistic view of death, and our attitude to the methods and findings of science. This has quotes from Albert Einstein and Carl Sagan.

The leaflet is suitable for humanist, atheist, and scientific gatherings.

US version (letter)
UK Version (A4)



All three leaflets:

  1. Inside Adobe Reader go to File/Print Setup.
  2. Set your printer properties/preferences for the correct paper size, landscape mode for the US version, portrait for the UK (A4) version.

The General Leaflet

This leaflet ends up as 12 pages when folded. It prints double-sided on three sheets of paper which can be printed correctly as follows:

  1. From the “Print” dialogue, under “Print Range/Subset” click on the drop down arrow and choose “odd pages only.” Make sure the “Reverse pages” box is not ticked.
  2. Reinsert the pages in the paper tray.
  3. Repeat step 1 but choose to print “Even pages only”, and this time tick the “Reverse pages” box.
  4. Collate carefully. The order of the three sheets (face up) should be:
    1. Our principles (left) and Cover image (right)
    2. Why join? (left) and Coronal loops image (right)
    3. What we offer (left) and Copse image (right)

    At first sight you may think that the “wrong” heads are next to the wrong quotes (in color there is also a color difference). This is deliberate – everything falls into its correct place when you fold the pages in half to form the booklet.

Do a test copy and check it all runs smoothly. Once you feel confident, you can print out multiple copies of each of the two steps above. Please be careful when collating. With the General leaflet do test prints in draft so as not to waste ink.


The economics depend on how cheaply you can get photocopies made. If you can get them very cheap, making double-sided photocopies is probably simpler and sometimes cheaper than printing them yourself.

Print out the pages separately at home so you don’t get any ink showing through the backs of pages.

Ideas for using the leaflets

Print out and distribute them to your friends, or at meetings of groups for atheists, humanists, environmentalists, Unitarian Universalists, pagans, Zen Buddhists or Taoists, at college, or on noticeboards at health food shops and other suitable places.
     If you would like to form a local group, be sure to include your own contact information on the leaflet, on the back page.