A very simple way to let other people about the World Pantheist Movement is to put a banner or image link on your web page.

Here are three banners of varying size that you can put on your own page. There are two ways of doing this:

1. Leave the image on our site.

Pick an image, copy the code underneath, and paste it onto your home page. Your visitors will then see the image, but it will be stored on the WPM site and will be retrieved from there by their browsers. If they click on the image, it will send them to the WPM home page.

When you have loaded the page to your site, retrieve it in your browser to check how it looks.

2. Have the image at your own site.

This is harder, but has certain advantages.

  • If we ever lose our copy of the image, your link will still work.
  • You can modify the image to suit your site.
  • Displaying the image on a high-traffic page will not tax our server.

Right-click on the image you want and save it to your computer, then upload it to your site.
Copy the appropriate code, and insert it into your page, but change the image SRC (eg. “https://www.pantheism.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/b-bluebutt.jpg”) so that it points to the location of the image at your site.

Big Banner

b-bluebutt.jpg (23256 bytes)


Banner [16k]

b-bluebutts.jpg (15644 bytes)



b-bluebuttt.jpg (8045 bytes)



M100bant.jpg (3842 bytes)



Your use of the images will affect how Pantheism and the World Pantheist Movement appear to the world. Please use them tactfully and do not put post them in places where they are not welcome. Small images work well in sidebars and forum signatures, whereas large ones can seem spammy in many page layouts.

You can also see WPM advertisements and get more information about promoting the World Pantheist Movement.