There are a number of sites on the Web which enable you to
make a small donation
to the charity of your choice at no cost to you.

These donations are often financed by advertizing and other
forms of sponsorship.

There are schemes where simply registering, or shopping
online as you might shop anyway,
can generate funds for the World Pantheist Movement’s activities at no cost to you other
a few minutes or mouse clicks.

The World Pantheist Movement can form local groups and
develop a wider range of activities
only if we achieve a much larger membership. This will be possible only through promotion,
advertizing, distribution of leaflets and so on. All these activities have a financial
cost, and all your efforts can help significantly.

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Just register with Paypal


Shop through Greater Good

5-15% commision


A selection of sites where you can help
charitable causes by clicking once a day

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Greater Good are the people who run the Hungersite and the Rainforest Site.

GG is a shopping service  with dozens of top discount retailers, covering all sectors

from books, software and toys to clothes, sports gear and tools. The prices are the same
as these retailers’ regular prices, but a commission of 5-15% goes to your chosen charity.

Shoppers can indicate which charity or charities they would like to benefit from their

Shop at Greater

(5-15% commission to the WPM)

The World Pantheist Movement receives commission of 5-15% on whatever you buy
– and you don’t pay a cent more than normal.

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Paypal is a new fee-free system for transferring small payments between
individual credit card owners
using secure protocols. Its financiers include Nokia, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs.
These are some of the biggest names in world business, so Paypal  is fully secure and
Of course even if you register you don’t have to use it – but you’ll probably find it
useful for making
payments among friends and family, or for paying for on-line auction purchases.

Register for Paypal
($5 bonus for you, $5 for the World Pantheist Movement)

[At present this is restricted to people with US credit cards and bank accounts

1. Please go to this URL to sign up
with Paypal.
[See Note 1.]

2. Fill in the Paypal Sign-up form. In the box marked:
Email address of the person who referred you (optional)
please make sure that you mention our e-mail

3. You will be sent an e-mail to confirm that your e-mail address is
valid. This message should arrive within a minute or so.

4. Follow the link given in the confirmation e-mail and confirm your
chosen password.

5. You will be asked to refer friends to earn more free
bonuses. Please do so if you wish. But please do NOT use any e-mail addresses learned from
the natural/scientific pantheism list or the WPM.

6. You will then be taken to your account page, where you enter your
credit card details for use in payments and confirm your street address.
Your account is now activated.
It is at this point that the $5 bonus is credited  to your account.
At this point too the $5 referral is credited to the WPM.

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