Pan reserves – Ellsinore, Missouri

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    My wife, Crystal and
I purchased twenty acres in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in July of 2000. It is
all wooded except for the immediate area around the house and garage. We have considered
this to be a nature reserve since moving here and we have reached the point where we will
offer it as a Pan Reserve. We will allow no hunting or logging on our property. The
property is forested with oak, pine, ash, hickory and thousands of dogwood trees. There
has been no logging on this tract for thirty or forty years. There is 200 acres of land
behind the property that was clear-cut the year before we moved there. It is now for sale
but it will take many years before this land is restored. This reserve is crossed by two
wet-weather creek beds and there is abundant wildlife. Many times we have sat on our deck
and watched the deer feed in the woods next to the house. Wild turkeys travel thought the
reserve on a regular basis and at night the air is alive with the sounds of tree frogs,
owls and coyotes. There are many species of birds also. We live here with two dogs,
Webster, a Great Pyrenees, Shepherd mix, and Roget, a Beauceron, a Blue and Gold Macaw
called Sam, and two cockatiels. As I write this, Spring is about to erupt in the Ozarks.
The Redbud, Dogwood and Wild Plum trees will be blooming and the leaves will be appearing
on the trees. It is a great and wondrous place to live.

Dale Robinson