Exploring naturalistic spirituality since 1999

Since 1999 we have been a pioneering voice in exploring how a completely naturalistic spirituality can address the kind of profound questions for which people normally seek answers in traditional religions – but in our case, without recourse to supernatural beings, forces and realms.

We have been gradually addressing many of the key individual, social and environmental issues where Pantheism has a distinctive position that can be of help.

Social and environmental issues so far have been nature conservation, sustainable lifestyles, dark skies, teaching of evolution, gay marriage, freedom of religion, and separation of church and state.
Individual issues we have addressed include connecting with nature, pantheist ethics, pantheist therapy, pantheist art, ways of expressing our spirituality, meditation, natural death, and coping with crisis or disaster.

Every issue includes

  • surveys, personal essays and outstanding messages from our mailing lists on the major theme

  • inspiring personal statements about Pantheism, which people write when joining the WPM

  • almanac of upcoming solar and lunar events and special dates

  • news about the World Pantheist Movement.

Here you can read some of our issues as a guide to what we are about, what we think and do and care about. If you like what you see, please consider joining the World Pantheist Movement as a supporting member. Members have access to the full PAN archives.

Issues are presented in reverse order, and require Adobe Reader for PDF’s.get Adobe Reader


Coping with Crisis
PAN 22
Autumn/Winter 2008

Faiths and Nations
PAN 21
Spring/Summer 2008

The Dawning
of Dark Skies

PAN 20
Autumn/Winter 2007

Progress on Gaia
and Gay Marriage
PAN 19
Spring/Summer 2007

Embodying Our Feelings
PAN 18
Autumn 2006

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The Earth and Us
PAN 17
Winter/Spring 2005/2006
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(1.39 Mb)


Pantheist Meditation
PAN 16 — Autumn 2005
Pan 16
 (1.56 Mb)



Natural Death
PAN 15 — Summer 2005 

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The Evolution Wars
PAN 14 — Winter 2004
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Pantheist Therapy
PAN 13 — Autumn 2004


Living Dangerously
PAN 12 — Spring 2004

Life’s Too Short
PAN 11 — Autumn 2003

Guide to
WPM services

PAN 10 — Summer 2003

Pantheist arts
PAN 9 — Autumn 2002
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 (890 kb) 

Wildlife conservation
PAN 8 — Spring 2002

Pantheist ethics
PAN 7 — Autumn 2001
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Getting in Touch

PAN Six — Spring 2001

Focus on (re)connecting.

  • Members describe how their sense of connection with reality is intensified through sports or other challenging activities
  • Sensory meditations on air and on water, by Tom Brower
  • Discussion of the problem of naming our beliefs
  • Members describe the benefits of getting together
  • Announcing WildKids!

(523 kb)sensory meditation on water

PAN Five — Winter 2000

Focus on birth and renewal.

  • Essay on the Pantheist way of birth, by Cindy Harmon-Jones
  • Highlights of the list discussion on celebrating births
  • Essay on meeting other Pantheists, by Ernie Hopkins
  • Essay by Ezella Edwards on her long voyage of discovery and spiritual renewal, from Christ to Cosmos
  • Annual report to members

(570 kb)meeting other Pantheists

PAN Four — Autumn 2000

Focus on sustainable living.

  • Survey of the state of the planet, by Paul Harrison
  • Essay on Voluntary Simplicity, by Andrew Millard
  • Debates on our personal efforts and difficulties in living sustainably
  • Action Zone on international peace, and shifting to your energy supplier towards renewables

(469 kb)state of the planet

PAN Three — Summer 2000

Focus on religious freedom.

  • Global survey of the state of religious freedom
  • Religious freedom in the United States, essay by Walter Mandell
  • Commemoration of the martyrdom of Giordano Bruno in February 1600
  • Highlights from our list discussion on teaching Pantheism to our children
  • Action Zone on saving forests

View Pan 3 for free (340 kb)teaching Pantheism to our children

PAN Two — Spring 2000

Focus on the millennium.

  • State of world religions at the turn of the millennium
  • Evolution of the calendar and alternative calendars
  • Essay on time and the eternal present, by Sue Williams
  • Highlights of our list discussion on “coming out” as a Pantheist to friends and family
  • Action Zone on world hunger

(591 kb)evolution of the calendar

PAN One — Autumn 1999

  • The solar eclipse
  • Midsummer solstice celebrations
  • Guest essay by Ursula Goodenough, author of The Sacred Depths of Nature
  • Dialogue with the Sea, by Julie Legge
  • Action Zone on the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

(790 kb)the solar eclipse

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