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Thanks to members’ support, the World Pantheist Movement is able to maintain this site and fund all other activities without money from advertisers or other organizations. No information is shared with any outside organization, barring legal requirement to do so under US law (complying with a search warrant or reporting obvious criminal activity). Such a requirement has never arisen before, but could at any time in the future. On a more regular basis, all information is accessible to the site administrator. Apart from email addresses, information shared by members may be viewable by other members. Access to a member’s information is password-protected, but in a time of massive data thefts from major organizations, any information held by us may be compromised, whether through the actions of a user or hacking of an account or system.

We aim to protect members’ identities by limiting the information we store. Information provided should be either real, or obviously false. Details are provided in parentheses below:

We require the following personal information to provide benefits to members:

  • Name (real or a non-name, e.g. Leaf Lover),
  • Email address (consider a disposable or forwarder address to protect important ones).

The following information may be provided optionally:

  • Country (real),
  • state/province/region (real),
  • city/town (real),
  • profile image (real if human; other images permitted),
  • personal webpage (privacy is recommended on other sites as well).

Account-holders, whether current members or not, may update or delete their information at any time.

Payments are handled entirely through third parties (PayPal) and we no longer ask or provide space to enter phone numbers, street addresses, or birthdays.

If you have additional questions about the use of your name, e-mail address or other personal information, or if you have comments or other questions about the Member Center, please contact us.

Cookies and tracking

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