This is an ongoing project to map the extent of Pantheism around the world. Please contact us if you have new information about the number of Pantheists in a given area.

Online presence

The World Pantheist Movement is a small organization of several hundred paid members who give primarily to support its goals. This is a small portion of the wider WPM community, which includes tens of thousands of supporters (pantheists and others with closely related views and varying degrees of Pantheism).

Pantheists by country

Many religious groups, whether dozens or millions strong, are known for overstating their membership. To avoid that, we intend to rely on outside sources. There are many possible criticisms of religion census questions, and few censuses report the “Other” category in detail, but the following listing provides a firm, self-identified baseline.

Country Number of Pantheists Source
Australia 1394 2011 Australian census
Canada 1000 2011 National Household Survey
Ireland 1940 2011 Irish census (p.104)
New Zealand 366 2006 New Zealand census
Scotland 60 [2001 census]
UK (England and Wales) 2216 2011 UK census [1], [2001]
Uruguay 790 2006 Encuesta Nacional de Hogares Ampliada

These counts total over 7700, and the areas in question have a current total population of around 125 million (lower when the censuses took place).

Both Australia and Ireland showed increases of several hundred from previous counts five years earlier, which suggests a similar increase in the UK may also have occurred over the past ten.

Canada’s census formerly grouped Pantheism into “New Thought – Unity – Pantheism”. The former category remains as the similarly-themed “New Thought – Unity – Religious Science” and contains an additional 2,565 people.

Uruguay’s value is a rough estimate based on 6% of the 0.4%-of-total Other category reporting Pantheism. This is equivalent to 0.024% of Uruguay’s 2006 population, for which we use the 2005 value of 3.323 million to reach the final value (rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10).