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The largest gathering with short posts and comments about Nature, science and Pantheism Facebook page
Local groups or in-depth sharing and discussion of Pantheist ideas and ways of living Ning social network
Headlines and main links Twitter
Videos on Nature, Science, and Pantheism Youtube channel


Full list of Pantheist groups

Facebook logo

Our everyday hang-out on Facebook is the World Pantheism Page.

Click the “Like” button and then receive messages on your Wall from World Pantheism. The messages include quotes from famous pantheists, and links to the most stimulating and enlightening news items and videos relevant to Pantheism about science, nature and environment.

There is an average of one World Pantheism post per day. You will only get the post from World Pantheism – not from other fans on that page. We know you may have many interests and friends and we are careful to avoid overload.
Fans can also post appropriate content there, including informative videos, links to news items, and personal comments and FAQs.
This page is not the right place for debate about controversial or academic matters. If you want to debate issues that Pantheists disagree about, the page has a discussions tab, but this is not much used (Ning is the main place for that, see below.)

We also have a Pantheism group.

This has fewer features than the main page and has largely been superseded by it.

Please Like pages you enjoy using the button in the social toolbox (to the right). This will place an item on your Facebook wall with a link and a brief description – it will help to make your friends aware of Naturalistic Pantheism. If you want to repeat that link on your wall again in a few weeks or months, go to our page and “Unlike” it and then Like it again.


We also have a Google+ page, as well as a matching Google+ group. As above, you can +1 most pages from the box on the right.

Ning logo

Our most richly featured community is the network at Ning.

Ning is a leading provider of multi-featured social sites with images, videos, music. Our World Pantheism network is the best place to explore Pantheism, to get to know individuals with shared interests, or pantheists near you, and to discuss topics of interest to Pantheists.

SMALL GROUPS inside a global framework are the best way for us to feel we belong to a large community – while at the same time feeling that we know a smaller circle of friends much better.
Practical living groups: How do pantheists live their daily lives?
There are many groups that focus on practical life issues such as birth and babies, parenting, ageing, relationships, health and fitness, mental wholeness, natural death.
Hobby groups: What turns us on?
There are many groups on hobbies beloved to pantheists, from gardening and pets through books, movies and music, to photography and astronomy.
Local groups: How do we get together?
There are many groups for individual countries, big cities, and US states or regions. A growing number of these groups have arranged local meetings and some of them have turned into regular local groups.

DISCUSSIONS: What do we believe?
We have many quality discussions on many topics from religions and philosophy, through environment and science, to ethics and social issues.

For sharing, use the groups or the Wall. For debate and academic stuff, use the discussions.
After you sign up, take it slowly: don’t try to do too much. Join your local group, read the Wall, and maybe join one interest group. Limit the emails you receive.

The World Pantheism YouTube channel lists the best related videos we can find.

Nature and the wider Universe,  Pantheism, science, reason, and other inspirational and eye-opening stuff. Take a peek and subscribe!

Twitter logo

Our Twitter account features headlines from our World Pantheism Facebook Page.

You might find it easier to access this from your mobile device.

The last two or three headlines are shown on our website main page.

Meetup logo

A few Pantheist Meetup groups may still exist, but Ning is best for local groups

For various reasons, we no longer use Meetup.

If you are interested in local groups, join our Ning network, put your pin on the Map, and join your local group. If there isn’t one for your area, suggest one.



Over the years, we have developed a set of rules for smooth functioning. Experience has shown that these are needed to keep the atmosphere positive and productive, and to keep the volume within manageable limits.


  1. No personalized attacks against individuals or sections of the group, whether targets are named or can be inferred. Ideas may be criticized or disagreed with, but persons should always be treated with respect. Try to avoid contemptuous language when criticizing other members’ ideas. Mocking or satirical remarks which target other members or sections of the group are strongly discouraged.
  2. No discriminatory, obscene, or foul language is tolerated.
  3. Private messages should be courteous; they should not be cited to the group without the author’s permission.
  4. The forum and the geo-database addresses must not be used for commercial purposes, or for the distribution of chain letters. Names and contact detailsmay not be divulged to people who are not members of the WPM or the scientific pantheism community. Breaking of this rule will result in immediate expulsion and a change of the URL of the geo-database.