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Sacred Secular Sanctuary

What we know, what we understand, what we believe, these are the things that affect our core values and thoughts, giving meaning to our lives and affecting everything we do. At the Sacred Secular Sanctuary, we believe that the exploration and expansion of our knowledge and beliefs is a profound and vital experience. We are committed to providing a forum and resources that will aid in furthering our understanding of our universe, our planet, our environment and, ultimately, ourselves.

The Sacred Secular Sanctuary formed as an independent group, and joined the World Pantheist Movement after discovering the organizations’ matching positions. It is involved in active advocacy of scientific and natural spirituality, and we welcome its members’ long-time contribution to these causes.

Get updates and news about meetings from the Sacred Secular Sanctary Facebook group, and find additional information at Redefining the Sacred, a related resource from the Sanctuary.

Forum groups

There are Ning forum groups for Canada , and more locally, British Columbia.