We hope you will feel at home with us. We are a young vibrant, growing, diversifying movement, and we hope you will contribute your distinctive presence, interests and skills.

You can raise interest in pantheism by visiting our Promote the WPM page for free banners, desktop wallpaper, stickers and printable leaflets which you can give out. You can also fill in our Help Form if you would like to help in more direct ways.

We hope you will also consider joining the World Pantheist Movement. WPM members are the people who created and facilitate the scientific pantheism mailing list  and the spiritweb pantheism mailing list. We also initiated the first pantheist news group talk.religion.pantheism. To make this belief system known more widely, and more widely available as a sane and earth-friendly religion, we rely on contributions from our members. The basic contribution level is very modest indeed compared to most religious organizations, and all of it goes on either membership services or promotion and information.

The Scientific Pantheism mailing list.

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Please read the welcome letters and file them safely for future reference.
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The list will arrive each day in digest form, in one clearly labelled e-mail, with an average of around 10-12  messages (20 is the maximum but is rarely reached). You can browse through this and choose which messages to reply to. At the top of each digest is a list of useful URLs for various resources.

The Pantheist Spirituality Mailing list

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