[Administrator’s Note: This is a legacy page. Please see our main mailing list page for details.

      This page will help you decide which of our main mailing lists to join. This is an important choice, as people who choose the wrong list tend to be unsatisfied. You can see a full listing of all our lists and bulletin boards on our User’s Guide.
       The main WPM mailing lists are the Community list and the Ideas list.
       The volume on these two lists varies from 3 to 10 messages per day, delivered in a single digest message so as not to overload people’s mailboxes. Each has a limit of one post per day per person. You can also choose to read them on the Web only.
       These two lists are best suited for people who like the World Pantheist Movement credo, and who basically do not believe in any kind of supernatural entities or spirits.
       World Pantheist Movement Members can also join the Pantheist Spirituality mailing list which we set up to accommodate all types of pantheists, including dualists, pagans, believers in reincarnation, and so on.
The mailing lists
are only one aspect of the WPM’s activity. They are a facility for communication among members, and do not necessarily represent WPM official standpoints. They are almost all unmoderated, so that the tone and content depends heavily on the whim of those choosing to post or not to post at any given time. The volume, tone, subjects and viewpoints vary, and a month or two is needed to get a representative view.

Community List

This list is for sharing experiences and feelings about nature, discussing everday problems of pantheist living, suggesting ways of celebrating life’s stages and the seasons, and developing the World Pantheist Movement and its local groups.

While people are bound to comment on each others’ posts, the atmosphere here is meant to be friendly, cooperative and constructive. Discussion of more philosophical or controversial ideas is better pursued on the debate list.

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Ideas list

This list is mainly for discussing pantheist ideas and beliefs, and also discusses science, ethics and philosophy related to natural/scientific pantheism.
      The atmosphere here too is encouraged to be friendly, cooperative and constructive.
For this reason it is a list primarily for people in sympathy with the belief statement:  people who feel a deep religious reverence for the universe and nature, who generally do not believe that mind and matter are two separate substances, or that supernatural entities exist.
      Since ideas can only be developed if debated, be prepared, if you raise a pet idea, for someone else to offer a critique of it. It’s not usually a sign of hostility.

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Pantheist Spirituality list

    This forum is not tied to any particular form of pantheism: there are natural/scientific pantheists there along with dualists, all kinds of New Agers and so on. You can subscribe yourself at Spiritweb.

This list is the right one to choose if you tend to believe that body and soul are separate, or if you believe in magic, multiple gods, and reincarnation. You can also join if you don’t believe in these things but want to debate with those who do.

Despite considerable differences in belief, this is a tolerant list that remains polite for most of the time. It tends mysteriously to “go quiet” at times, but generally all you need to do to spark it into action is to ask a question or make a remark. Don’t be shy if you find it strangely silent: everyone is waiting for everyone else to post!

You can add yourself to this list here.