The leading guide to Pantheist
history, theory and practice

This is an updated edition, with many corrections and small changes as well as updated almanac 2013-2020, added summary of pantheist principles, added key links, and better cover and graphics. The Third Edition was published in September 2013 and is the most recent. Take care on Amazon – there are many entries for previous editions (1998 and 2004) with different covers.

Elements of Pantheism

Contents page

1. What is Pantheism?
2. History of Pantheism: Oriental and Classical
3. History of Pantheism: Monotheist and Modern
4. Core beliefs: Reverence of the Universe
5. Core beliefs: Sacred Nature
6. Pantheist ethics: responsibilities, rights and liberties.
7. Pantheist ceremony, meditation and mysticism.
8. Pantheist controversies: souls, bodies and death.
9. A fourth world spiritual path?

The Pantheist Credo
Astronomical Almanac 2003-2010
Further Reading

Publishing History

The writing of this book gave rise to the World Pantheist Movement. As I researched and wrote it, I began to place completed pages onto the Web with an email link asking for comments. Many people wrote to me, so seeing the interest I created a mailing list which grew rapidly.
Seeing the potential for a movement I started the process of forming the World Pantheist Movement, drawing up the Statement of Principles with 15 volunteers from the list. We incorporated in 1998 and opened for membership at the turn of the Millennium.

Eventually Elements of Pantheism, the only summary of pantheist history, theory and practice in print, was published in 1999 by Element Books, at the time one of the largest and most dynamic publishers of religion and related books, as part of a very big series on world religions. It was conceived as a book that would provide a comprehensive overview written in a clear and readable way for the general reader.

Element Books went bankrupt in 2001. Harper Collins bought up the series rights but removed many of the titles, focusing instead on a pagan and supernaturalist series called Principles.

For a year or two the book was out of print, so I made it available for free private use on the Internet. In 2004 I placed it with print on-demand publisher Llumina Press. In June 2013 I placed it with Kindle direct publishing, and with Amazon Createspace.