The World Pantheist Movement is working to increase public awareness. Relatively few
are well-informed about our ideas, and conservative religious figures sling the term
“pantheism” around as an accusation of unorthodoxy. These pages seek to provide accurate
information from people who have actually taken the time to learn about rather than attack

FAQ’s on Pantheism

Paul Harrison’s explanation of Pantheism
and correction of common misunderstandings and criticisms

Pantheism and other highly compatible beliefs

The following pages discuss Pantheism as understood by people coming from various
open-minded backgrounds.

Pantheism and Agnosticism
Pantheism and Atheism
Pantheism and Nature Religions
Pantheism and Humanism
Pantheism and Naturalism
Pantheism and Paganism
Pantheism and Unitarian Universalism