Dr Paul Harrison [President]. 
For most of his life Paul has been a journalist and book writer on environment and Third World development. His best known books are Inside the Third World and The Third Revolution (on population and environment). His book on pantheism, Elements of Pantheism, was published by Element Books in1999. Paul has worked for several UN agencies and travelled to many Third World countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. In 1988 he received a UN Environment Programme Global 500 award for his writings on environment. In July 1996 he posted the first page of what became the scientific pantheism site, and in 1997 he started the mailing list that grew into the World Pantheist Movement.  Nature photography and hiking are his major hobbies and also his main spiritual practice. He lives in the Santa Monica Mountains in California
Dr Tom Moore [Vice President, USA] Tom is an astro-geophysicist, and a research and development manager with NASA, living in leafy suburban Maryland with his wife and cat, her dog, and one of their three daughters, two of whom are in universities this year. Irish by way of Newfoundland, baptized Methodist, he grew up in the WASP minority of a small industrial community of French and Polish Catholics. His Mom showed him the spiritual possibilities of a walk in the woods. Long an agnostic student of solar system science, and amateur evolutionist, Tom’s spiritual interests were aroused when his father’s middle-aged mortality struck him at about the same age. He came upon World Pantheism and found it a satisfying basis for spiritual reflection, with a compelling set of life principles. Tom hopes to find time to promote Pantheism as a source of ethical values.
Tor Myrvang [Vice President, Europe]
Tor, who is of Norwegian-Welsh descent, recently retired as Treasurer of the International Fund for Agricultural Development, a specialized agency of the United Nations, based in Rome.  Before becoming a practising Pantheist, Tor was active in the Humanist movement. He now lives in a farmhouse in Lazio, Italy.
Hilary Caws-Elwitt  [Secretary]
Hilary is a public librarian in rural northeastern Pennsylvania. She lives  with her husband Jonathan on 10 acres of overgrown fields and woods, and  loves to identify its animals and plants and go for walks in all seasons and at all hours. Other interests are reading of all sorts, listening to music, computers, art, toys and games, fixing things, and dabbling in various crafts and hobbies. She has always been interested in religions but identified herself as an atheist with spiritual leanings until stumbling across the Scientific Pantheism pages in the spring of 1997.
Bruce Merkle [Treasurer] Bruce is a software engineer living in Webster, New York state.
Sharon Wells [Membership Secretary] Sharon has lived in the mountains of western NC for most of her life. She loves the mountains, woods, rivers/creeks, and waterfalls that abound in this land of the Great Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains and can’t imagine being away from them for any great length of time; they seem as much a part of her as she is of them. She has two grown daughters who live on their own, and shares her house with 2 cats and a Jack Russell terrier. She enjoys writing, mostly about everyday events, trying to find something extraordinary in the ordinary, and about the fascinations of Nature as she experiences it around her. She now works from home. She enjoys family time, hikes and picnics and country rides, antiquing/decorating, yardwork, writing. Sharon organizes the WNC Nature Reverence/Pantheism Meetup group that meets in the Asheville, NC area.
John Hagan [WPM products officer]
John retired from IBM in 1997 where he worked as a software developer. In 2004 and moved to Mount Airy, NC. He and his wife are now preparing to leave Mount Airy and live fulltime in a motorhome traveling around North America enjoying nature and all of its wonder. He and Marian enjoy bird watching, kayaking, hiking, and bicycling. After many years of considering himself an Atheist he came across Scientific Pantheism and discovered that it fit perfectly with his beliefs. Shortly after discovering the WPM website he volunteered to start the WPM store on Cafepress and develop products to help spread the word about World Pantheism.
Gudrun Schindler 
Gudrun is a retired language teacher. She grew up in Berlin, Germany, and came to Nebraska 33 years ago. She lives on a farm in Elgin, Nebraska with her husband and German Shepherd dog. Gudrun is now substitute teaching. Her hobbies are web surfing, reading, walking with her dog, and scroll sawing. She has one son and two grandchildren.
Eljay Love-Jensen
Walter Mandell
Walt is a retired psychiatrist who lives with two dogs in NE Ohio, in a house in the woods perched above a small river. He is an amateur glass artist and a student of psychopharmacology, and loves outdoor activities. He was raised (Reform) Jewish but by age 12 decided he was an agnostic. Influenced by Taoism, and by Thoreau’s Walden, he recently thought of himself as an atheist, but he felt that the reverent attitude he had to the universe could only be called religious. Walt Whitman’s phrase ‘Every cubic inch of space is a miracle’ sums up his view. When he came across Scientific Pantheism he realized it was a religion that fitted his interests, values, beliefs, and emotional-religious response to the universe. He looks forward to helping Scientific Pantheism to become a religion in every good sense, without becoming a religion in any of the more objectionable, irrational, prejudiced, doctrinaire, life denying, rigid, repressive ways that most other religions adopt.
Stuart Stell. Stuart is a science teacher living in Cleveland, Ohio.
Tony Van der Mude Tony lives up in the hills of Northwestern New Jersey with his wife Mary. A computer programmer with interests in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, he has worked on Expert Systems and Speech Recognition. Besides touching the sacred in the everyday miracles of the world and living things, his interest in computer logic has led him to the essential mystery and wonder of existence through mathematics. He has an abiding interest in music and his idea of a good time is going to a jazz or rock concert.
David Wright [Publications advisor] David lives near Cambridge, England, with his wife Jackie and three children. He is the director of a specialist magazine publishing company. Having been a scientific pantheist all his life without realising it, David joined the WPM after reading Paul’s book, ‘Elements of Pantheism’,  and believes that expanding the organisation will have strong positive benefits for the world. He aims to use his labours and experience to promote the WPM to a wider audience.