Many pages on list no authors (anonymous). These are the result of group collaboration and represent the views of the World Pantheist Movement. Pages with named authors (found primarily in the Paul, Voices, and Promotional Talks sections), while considered valuable, reflect the opinions of the authors, not of the organization as a whole.

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Using content from this site

The World Pantheist Movement supports creative work. You may use WPM-owned content (WPM-produced graphics, and text appearing on normal pages) in support of the organization and its goals (advocating or informing about Scientific/Naturalistic Pantheism), as long as the World Pantheist Movement is credited. To use content with named authors, you must first get their permission.

Contributing articles

The World Pantheist Movement aims to send a focused message.

  • We do not buy or sell articles.
  • Personal stories and ideas can be posted on the forum (public except for special groups).
  • New pages outside the forum are being limited to official announcements, guides, and similar anonymous materials. We may make exceptions for exceptional pieces or figures; contact for details.