The World Pantheist Movement promotes scientific pantheism, a nature-centered and naturalistic alternative to dogmatic supernatural religions. It is a form of spirituality strongly focused on Earth, love and care for Nature, human and animal rights.

President, Dr Paul Harrison
Vice Presidents: Dr Thomas Moore, Rich Blegen.
Board: Jules Ashfield, Maria Hall, Forrest Knapp, Gail Larkin, Eljay Love-Jensen, Giselle Martinez-Evans, Lauren Swann, Antony van der Mude.

We are acutely aware of humanity’s concurrent crises of global warming, pandemics arising from abuse of wildlife, massive biodiversity loss, widespread denial of sciences, and deepening divisions over religion and values. We feel that Scientific Pantheism offers a helpful spiritual standpoint for relating to these crises and working to alleviate them, each in our own way. 
The WPM is actively engaged in the global effort to slow, stop and reverse humanity’s damage to the environment. We listen to and learn from science with open minds, recognizing that theories are not set in stone but evolve in response to changing evidence. We stand for removal of discrimination of every kind.
We support the separation of church and state, and freedom of religion as well as freedom from religion. We oppose the intrusion of scripture-based policies that support violence, discrimination, or repressive policies relating to sexuality, gender and abortion.

The World Pantheist Movement grew out of a mailing list that formed in 1996, in response to Dr Paul Harrison’s website on pantheist theory, history and practice, based on drafts from his book Elements of Pantheism. In 1998 the WPM incorporated in Colorado as a US 501[c]3 non-profit.

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Information and education
Since then we built up the largest website on pantheism in the world. For a decade our magazine Pan covered many topics in depth, from pantheist therapy to freedom of religion, from natural death to natural forms of meditation, gay marriage, evolution education, dark skies, natural ethics and many more. The Pan magazine archives are available to WPM members. We also certificate members, on request, as civil celebrants, for private use or, with suitable qualifications, public.

Forums and groups
We were the first organization to develop a presence for pantheism on the Internet. Believing that fellowship, sharing and support are essential, we pioneered new forums and local and interest groups of every kind, initially with Yahoo groups. We followed with our full featured community at We launched local, state and national initiatives with many social media including Yahoo, Community, Meetup and Facebook.
In 2009 we started a Scientific Pantheist page on Facebook which has grown to 160,000 followers today, plus a 13,000 strong discussion and sharing group about scientific pantheism; also a sister group open to all favors of pantheism. 

Social and environmental action
We have always tried to embody our principles in action. Key events included our amicus brief to the Supreme Court, in support of a case against requiring the “One Nation” pledge in schools.
In assocation with the US National Wildlife Federation, we started a Wildlife Habitat Program through which members could declare part of their land or yard – however small – as wildlife refuges for native plants and animals.
We launched a group with EcologyFund, where people can click to save wildlife habitat and sponsor other environmental actions. Among religious groups we have saved by far the largest area of land, and we are in the top ten of all groups.
We developed a Green Up Your Life page with links to many sites that help you audit your environmental footprint and find resources to reduce it.
Most recently we developed a site to promote the Earth Allegiance Pledge, to the planet Earth and all the life that it supports. We are planning to add additional pledges for Oceans, Dark Skies, Biodiversity, and maybe more.

All our directors, officer and volunteers work without pay. However, our activities and promotions do come with costs. We hope you will consider membership or donation to support us.