Live, laugh, play, love, rejoice, celebrate.
Share, help, hug, heal, inspire.

In World Pantheism, we consider young people as we do everyone else – as wonderfully diverse, vibrant, alive individual humans, bringing their own special qualities and experiences. People attuned to Nature and the Universe, who believe in making the most of their life on this earth, remaining fully open to the wonders around them, and caring and acting for a better future for humanity and all the species and habitats on the planet.

Explore, discover, question, dare, understand, wonder, reflect.
Create, care, conserve, nurture.
These are just some of the things we do and feel.   Do you?

Young people are welcome to join in our various forums and to attend local groups.
But we recognize that different age groups may have additional needs.

Our facilities for young people are evolving.


Facebook has a neat structure with many ways of networking through profiles, groups, and applications.


There are a number of Facebook groups and pages aligned with the WPM:


We have also started a Cause at Facebook to protect rainforest habitat against exploitation or development.

First, you will need to add the Causes application to your Facebook profile.
Once Causes is installed, you can join our cause HERE.
Please add our cause to your list even if you are not able to donate.
And please invite your friends to join the cause.