by Loretta Westbrook, January 30, 2016

Long, long ago, there was a little baby who came into this world. She was full of wonder, her big blue eyes were open and watching. The adults around her were busy and did not have much time for her, so she learnt to “talk” to other creatures.

The wonder of life was all around her and as she grew she learnt how each life form had its own gift to give and she learnt how to communicate with these life forms. Not in words and language but in feelings and senses. One day as she wandered in the woods, because she was often alone and left to her own devices, she saw a wondrous creature the like of which she had never seen before. It was very different, shaped almost like a smooth rounded stone with legs, colored bright green and with big eyes on its head, it seemed to jump rather than walk. Its skin glistened and sparkled in the dappled sunlight through the trees.

The little girl lay down in the grass and looked into the creature’s eyes. It looked into hers and she felt the life force within this wondrous creature. The little girl was filled with joy and got up running to call her mother, “Mother, Mother, come quickly! I have found a magical creature in the grass near the woods!”

Mother came running. Putting her hand in a stern way on her daughter’s head she said, “don’t be so silly, that is not a magical creature, it is a frog”.

The little girl kept quiet and inside herself she said” a frog, what a wonderful magical creature”, and each day she continued to explore in the woods to see if there were any other magical creatures around, and she found there were many, hidden from the view of most adults but clearly seen by her. The little girl made a promise to herself, “I will never forget you, my wondrous frog, and I will always look for the magical creatures all around and keep you all safe in my heart and speak of you so the adults in the world will one day also come to see your beauty and learn to ‘talk’ with you heart to heart.”