I love Nature and respect it a a lot. When I spend long in a place where I can only see buildings, I feel very stressed and depressed. I do not think that I could live for long in the center of Manhattan. I could easily live in Vermont, or Santa Barbara, where I can see trees, rivers, lakes and hills. I live in Uganda – East Africa. I like living upcountry because I feel good living in the midst of Nature. I do not know if I am a Pantheist, but what I do know is that I feel good about Nature. My greatest moment comes when it is moontime. I look at the moon and feel that all the steam is off. I start wondering about the Universe, who is really behind the beautiful art of Stars, Moon, Sun, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes… It is just beyond my understanding. “Well,” I say to myself, “it is just the way it is.” I cannot know what exactly it is, whatever case may be. It is sacred Art that is beyond human understanding.


Most of my friends tell me that I am obsessed and possessed with nature. Well, Nature is the only  and unique beautiful art that makes my soul and mind connect together.                                                                                                                                                                            

Nature talks to me through whispering.

Nature heals deep wounds of the soul.

Nature makes the perfect therapy for stress and depression.

Nature provides a conducive environment for creative thinking.

Nature makes me search my soul

Nature is the correct cleanser of a corrupt mind.

Nature makes me appreciate the natural gift of the universe.

Nature takes my mind for wondering and wandering.

Nature removes all toxins from my brain

Nature provides me peace of mind.

Nature makes me good and feel good.

Nature irrigates the field of love in my heart

Nature repairs a broken heart.

The love for Nature,

The love for universe,

The love for everything that I can see,

The love for everything that I cannot see.

What my eyes can see is little compared to what I cannot see,

For the universe is too big to be seen,

For the Universe is too complex to be understood by humans.

We can only appreciate such wonderful art,

A wonderful art that is freely availed to all humanity to appreciate. 

A woman who used to be my neighbor was frustrated and depressed for the reasons I did not know. She decided to go and throw herself in the Lake. When she arrived at the lake shores, She started admiring the flow of the river from the mountain to the Lake. She also admired the birds swimming in the Lake, She was so amazed to see the high speed of the waves in the lake that blows towards the shores and cool down at the shores. She wondered who commands the waves to cool down. She abandoned the whole idea of committing suicide. saying to herself: “There are still beautiful things to see in this world. I will not die now. I will die next time.” She narrated the story to me. I was very impressed by how the beauty of the nature played a gigantic role in her mind and changed her decision to kill herself. That is why  I say that Nature is a therapy for depression and stress. Nature repairs broken hearts.

It had to be that way

Early last year, I met someone in the streets, He was a Jehovah witness. He gave me a booklet of the Jehovah Witness. I opened it and read a passage where there was a topic about universe. I was very impressed with one scientist who gave a proper definition of the Universe. He said: ” It is that way because it had to be that way.” Indeed It is that way because it had to be that way.  I love it in that way.

American sights

Some time back, an American friend paid for me to travel to the US. He knew my hobby, the relationship and strong bonds I have with nature. He lives in Hollywood, Los Angeles. It was the first time I visited the US.

I arrived at JF Kennedy Airport in New York. I saw skyscrapers of New York City, I was not impressed at all. An African student in the US whom I met in the Plane and told him that it was my very first visit to the US was very excited to hear that. He was eagerly waiting for the plane to land at JFK. He wanted to see me surprised to see the skyscrapers of New York City. He was a student at Williams College in Massachusetts.

When we entered NYC from the Airport, we grabbed the yellow cab to Manhattan. He started showing me the tall buildings but I showed no excitement. He was very disappointed. I felt sorry for him, because he did not know my hobby.

I had wanted to fly to San Francisco from Burlington Airport in Vermont. I had wanted so much to Visit the Robert Frost Trail in East Middlebury in Vermont. I love poems and Robert Frost is my most favorite poet of all times.  He loved and lived with Nature in East Middlebury,Vermont.

We reached the bus station to Williams Town. The student offered  to provide accommodation and a ride to Middlebury the next morning. I was very happy to meet such kind young man.

On our way to Williams Town from New York City, on the bus, I started seeing green forest with short trees. We were heading to Connecticut. My stress caused by the long flight started melting away, my face became jovial and I pressed my head against the window to have a clear view. The student started laughing. When I asked him what made him excited, he said loudly: “Now I know what you love in your life.” I said with a smile: “What?”

“You are in love with nature.”

“You got it right.”

I was filled with joy when I reached the Robert Frost Trail. I read most of the poems written on woods by Robert Frost. I wept for a few hours. I missed Robert Frost so much. It was as if I had known him and lived with him by that time.

I took a ride to Burlington in Vermont, where I took a flight to San Francisco. My main goal of the trip to San Francisco was to walk on the Golden Gate Bridge. I arrived in in the City and was greeted by a beautiful sunrise. I took a bus to Golden Gate bridge and and was finally on the world-famous bridge. I walked on the Golden Gate and crossed to Marin County, where I sat on a hill overlooking the city of San Francisco, the bridge and the Ocean. My heart was filled with joy. I appreciated the whole art of the bridge, the gentle slopes of the hills around Marin County and San Francisco and I loved looking at the beauty of the Ocean. Oooh…..

It was a great moment for me to start weeping.

It was time for me to start crying.

It was time for me to start missing,

Missing those I loved so much.

It was time for me to start wondering,

Wondering about such incredible natural art,

Natural art of the ocean,

Natural art of the hills,

Natural art of the smooth grass that cover the hills.

It time for me to wish,

To wish that I was able to bring my friends to that area,

A sacred area.

My friend in Hollywood told me to catch the train from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I enjoyed the ride to Bakersfield, and took a Bus from Bakersfield to Los Angeles, where I found him waiting. We rode to Hollywood. The next day. I went to Runyon Canyon Park. I Hiked to the peak of the park and had a full view of Hollywood and LA: It was only Heaven on earth.

Another beautiful site that I visited was Santa Barbara. It was open and clear.

I will miss those places forever.