We appreciate any help you are willing to provide. There are several key ways to
the World Pantheist Movement
in its goals:


The World Pantheist Movement exists entirely thanks to volunteers. All directors,
promoters, and other contributors in the community work
solely out of support for our ideals and a desire to develop a Pantheist community.

If you wish to help out inside the organization, please see the
volunteer form

You can also help out locally by supporting
local Pantheist groups


World Pantheism is simple in essence, to the point that many already agree with the
ideas, but do not know that they are all covered by a single name. We are not asking
anyone to convert
others to Pantheism; you can help just by letting others know it exists
as a viable religious and philosophical option.

We have put together various
resources to make promoting Pantheism easier
. Separate sections exist for
banners, and
speeches by our members.

Donation and fundraising

No one in the World Pantheist Movement is turning any sort of profit from its activities.
Our reliance on volunteers means that all contributions are spent on promoting Pantheism
and paying for key community services like this web site and the
Ning forum.

Please see our donation page
for more information about how the money is used and how you can assist financially.

If you prefer, you can find other ways to raise money on our
fundraising page.