Welcome to the new Member Center!

The previous member center has served us faithfully for, as far as I can tell, at least 12 years — more than half of my life, and also of the WPM’s. It was the product of the exceptional hard work of several longtime members, whom I will do my best to recognize here shortly. In time, I picked up the task of maintaining it, adding new features, making small stylistic improvements, and keeping the various parts running as the underlying code has aged. Still, various flaws have emerged, and we are faced with the choice between continuing to make small changes constrained by the old system, or starting over with a newer, easier, more modular one that is already used in public areas of the site.

After long procrastination in favor of the first, this is the second option.

  • The magazine and mailing list archives are complete and come with fewer access bugs.
  • You can update your personal information immediately, without an administrator.
  • Due to our shift away from physical mailing, and the difficulty of protecting information from theft on the modern internet, we do not require or provide spaces for as much identifying information as before. You can still include this information in the About You space.

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Celebrant application forms are in the list below.


As always, we appreciate your support for our efforts to support and inform about Scientific Pantheism!


Martin Berka


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