Paypal logo Master Card and Visa accepted
Paypal is a new fee-free system for transferring small payments between
individual credit  card owners using secure protocols – for example, if you owe a
friend $50
and want to repay them quickly, or if you want to buy through on-line auctions.

Paypal  is fully secure and reliable. Every Paypal account is insured  for
up to $100,000
per customer against unauthorized transactions.

In its launch period Paypal is offering bonuses of $5 to new users, plus $5 to the person
who refers you. So if you register with Paypal, and fill in the WPM’s e-mail, as your referrer, you get a bonus of $5 in your Paypal account,
and so does WPM.

Please follow these
instructions carefully. Print them out, or keep them in a
second window, while you go through the Paypal process.

1. Please go to this URL
to sign up with Paypal.

  • If you live within the USA, click the sign up now
    button (Or "Learn more" to check out Paypal).
  • If you live outside the USA, click "Now
    International" at the bottom, check the list of countries and if yours is there,
    click "Open an Account"

2. Fill in the Paypal Sign-up form with your
address, phone and e-mail.
In the box marked: Email address of the person who referred you
PLEASE make sure that you mention our e-mail:

3. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail to check
your e-mail address is
valid. Check your e-mail: this message should arrive within a minute or so.

4. Follow the link given in the confirmation
e-mail and confirm your
chosen password.

5. You will then be taken to your account page,
where you enter your
credit card details for use in payments and confirm your street address.
Your account is now activated.
If you are new to Paypal, it is at this point that the $5 bonus is credited
to your account.  At this point too the $5 referral is credited to the WPM.