Please see Paypal’s international page for details.

Citizens from around the world can now pay via Paypal, but first you need to open a free account with Paypal. The steps below are to ensure complete security of international payments.
   Once completed, you will be able to make and receive secure credit card payments to the WPM  – and also payments to and from other people and small businesses in the above countries.

If you have any problems please check out Paypal’s International Help Center. If your problem is not answered there please send an email to

1. Create a Paypal Account
[If you already have an account, go to step 3]

i.   Fill in page one with your address details, and create a password.
ii.  Fill in page 2 with your credit card details
iii. Follow the instructions on page 3 to confirm your email address with Paypal

      You will then have a working Paypal account able to RECEIVE money from other Paypal users. All accounts are insured for $100,000 each against misuse.

2. [Later] Confirm your credit card

These steps prove to Paypal that you are the card’s owner because you have clearance to access the card’s account information.

    i.   PayPal will send two very small credits to your card (at their expense)  labeled with unique three-digit PayPal number identifiers.

    ii.  After about four days, check your monthly credit card statement at your card company and ask what the number identifiers of these debits are (they are identified as Store Numbers). Write down these numbers.

    iii. Log in to your Paypal account at and click on “Confirm credit card.” Then enter the numbers in the space provided. 

Now you can  MAKE PAYMENTS to other Paypal users.

3. Make your subscription to the World Pantheist Movement

i.   Log into your account at
ii.  Click on the “Send Money” tab.
iii. Enter the email address and the amount you are sending. Under “Email subject” write “WPM Subs.”