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In reverence and respect for Nature, I designate the area of land in the attached
drawing as a Nature Reserve/Wildlife Garden. I undertake to do my best:-

In any area designated as reserve:
To manage the reserve sustainably so as to preserve and enhance the diversity of nature.
To encourage locally native species of plant adapted to the local soil and climate.
Wherever planting to plant only locally native species.
To avoid introducing non-native species.
To encourage, in natural densities, locally native animals suited to the habitat by
providing natural food plants, water, cover, and places to raise young.
To respect animals’ healthy distrust of humans and not to habituate them to dependence.

On any area designated as garden:
To use only organic methods of pest control.
To conserve soil and water.
To recycle vegetable waste as compost, and to use only organic fertilizers.
If erecting any structures other than a permanent residence, to use sustainable
low-resource use methods with recycled materials or materials from sustainable sources.

If erecting any structures on these areas, to use sustainable non-polluting
low-resource use methods with recycled materials or materials from sustainable sources.

I understand that access will remain under my control and can occur only with my
consent and knowledge. I undertake to allow access at my discretion to educational,
environmental or pantheist groups for one or more of the following purposes, provided that
this access is regulated in such a way as to involve no damage to the reserve:
Education and study
Local pantheist or environmental group meetings
Nature-oriented wedding or child naming ceremonies.

I undertake to register my reserve with the National Wildlife Federation Backyard
Wildlife Habitats or equivalent organization if outside the USA

This is a declaration of intent and does not
involve any change of ownership or control of the land.

[for the WPM]    Date:

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