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The World Pantheist Movement is eager to bring knowledge of Pantheism to a truly global
audience. While we lack the resources to manually translate our full site content into the dozens of
languages common on the internet, we support increasing accessibility. Besides the automatic
translation boxes being put up in the sidebars (see to the right) or footers of all pages, we
welcome manual translations due to their higher quality.

[Administrator’s notes: the following were linked, and deleted. They are being gradually
recovered. All new translations are welcome.


Introduzione & indice


Principi di base

Perchè organizzare il panteismo in una nuova

Marco Aurelio-l’imperatore-filosofo.

Le origini del Panteismo Cristiano.

Giordano Bruno: vita

Giordano Bruno: pensiero

Spinoza: il primo panteista moderno.

Toland: padre del Panteismo moderno

Nietzsche: l’affermazione del mondo e della vita

Einstein: il panteista cosmico


Introdução & índice

Princípios básicos


Introduction & index

Grund principer