[Administrator’s note, 2012: This is a legacy page, whose content is preserved
purely for historical purposes. The Frappr map service no longer exists.
We are greatful for its past availability, but understandably, are no longer
involved with it. Members can
search for others
, and our main
forum has a map
of local and national groups.

Thank you.]

I don’t need the tips
take me straight there!

The World Pantheism map at Frappr is an exciting and fun service you
can use to see where pantheists are, find people near you, and find
local groups. You can also add yourself, show where you live and
what you look like, and what your interests are. You can even start
a free blog there.
    You do NOT have to be a subscribing member to do this. All
friends are most welcome. It’s all free and there are lots of bonus
    Please invite everyone who may be interested to check us out,
also our home page


1. This operates like Google Maps – you can move the map around
easily by clicking and dragging
and zoom in and out with the slider.
2. The markers can get crowded: if you want to see where local
groups are, you can turn off the people markers
just by clicking on their symbols in the "legend."
3. It’s nice to add a favorite quote or link to your entry.
4. You can set up your own profile with lots of detail, favorite
5. Try to pick a nice smiley photo if you have one.
6. If you run a local group that meets regularly – even if its only
quarterly – please enter it via "Add Place"(see below) 
and write a short description and a link to your homepage or to your
state or country email group.

1. There is good protection of your email address if you enter it.
People can send you messages but they don’t see
your email and you don’t see theirs, it’s done via the Frappr
2. If you are concerned about security then you might want to think
about NOT having your marker exactly where your house is.
However, if everyone has their marker only where their city is, then
we won’t have any idea who is nearbly and when we view at local
level all the markers will be piled one on top of another. A nice
compromise you could use is to place the marker a mile or so from
your house.

first Tab shows the last map you visited.
To get back to pantheism go to MyFrappr/

Frappr accesses the page where you can edit
your photo, photo quote or link, profile, add photos,
and more.

photo tab is NOT pantheists – it’s anybody who loaded a photo anywhere
on Frappr.

Zoom in and out with this



Move the map around by clicking and dragging




This is a moving slide show, you can pause it. Double clicking on
it brings up the photo.
You can pause it with
this button

You can post general messages of greeting or wisdom here.

Group Widgets include items to help promote this group.

Add To
Map allows you to add your local group (include a link) or your Pan
Nature Reserve.

friends allow you to alert others to the World Pantheism map.

Map Markers lists new members places, photos

Photos: Click here for photos of Pantheists

Clicking on a symbol hides its markers, clicking again reveals them.
Useful  if there’s too much clutter to see what you are looking

Click here when you want to see more markers.