Some information on this page is outdated. Please refer to the current celebrant application.

The WPM has always had as one of its goals a means to create a network of people who can facilitate weddings and funerals in a pantheistic way. We believe that non-theistic nature lovers should have a nature-oriented alternative for the most important passages in their lives, and should not be forced to turn to theistic churches and rituals.

In September 2003, we officially adopted a code about WPM celebrants. We tried to reach a balance between two requirements. On the one hand we believe that the reverent response to nature requires no priestly mediation, so any member should be empowered to perform ceremonies for personal friends. On the other we feel a responsibility to the public to ensure that anyone using our name to advertise for clients should be suitable, sensitive, and informed.

So we decided that we would have at least two tiers of celebrants: the whole membership, where ceremonies for friends and relatives are involved; and certified celebrants, where more frequent services to the public are involved.

If you are a member and wish to perform a wedding or funeral for a friend or relative, you can now get official WPM authorization to do so. Just forward your request to, along with evidence from those friends or relatives that they have requested your services. If you want to use the WPM name or symbols you should also state that the ceremony will not include elements that conflict with the belief statement at (This is to ensure that the WPM’s image does not get misrepresented). It’s your responsibility to check out the law in your state or country about what you need to do if your ceremony is to constitute a legal wedding.

We are not yet geared up for stage two celebrants — those who wish to advertise celebrant services to the public using the WPM name or symbols, and to perform weddings or funerals without specific authorization for each one. We want the general public to have confidence in the ability of a WPM celebrant to provide an adequate service sensitive to the needs of clients. So certification will be subject to character references. A curriculum and questionnaire regarding knowledge of model ceremonies and prenuptial and bereavement counseling has yet to be drawn up for use.