Help with personpower

Shortage of personpower is at present the major constraint on the development of the WPM. There is too much to do and too few people to do it. We are not talking about weeks of work a year: just a couple of hours a week would help and make a major difference. Here are some ways you can do it.

Nature Organizer:

This is a really impactful area of activity. If you care actively about nature and really want to make a difference, then this is one of the most valuable ways you can do so. The work would probably involve a flexible couple of hours a week, less if more people volunteer. It currently involves:

  • Promoting our save habitat click group with reminders and updates on totals.
  • Identifying sites like EcologyFund where we can directly sponsor conservation.
  • Promoting our wildlife habitat scheme, reminding lists from time to time with updates, issuing certificates to members who join up, getting photos and statements and updating the nature Web pages.
  • Promote links with other nature sites.

Archivist/Collector of Pearls of Wisdom:

Our lists contain irreplaceable and priceless gems of wisdom that at the moment have only an ephemeral nature. We need a discriminating archivist to select and store the best of the lists for possible inclusion on a CD, or even publication (Cosmic soup for the body/soul?).

Local Groups Facilitator:

To organize and promote what we do to encourage local WPM groups.

Advertizing Scout:

To seek out affordable environment and science magazines where we could place small ads.

Local Contacts:

To welcome newcomers, moderate local lists and facilitate get-togethers.

Checkout the list of existing contacts at the Members’ Center.

Web Updater:

To update Web pages with out of date links.

If you want to help out in these or any other area, please write to describing your skills and experience, the amount of time you might have available per month, and the fields you are interested in.