Mail addresses are intriguing “conversation makers”, they promote curiosity about pantheism, and they can serve as a handy permanent “postal service” if you change your emails often.

If you are a member you are entitled to a free forwarding address at

This address is not a POP mail account, it is a forwarding service. You can change the address to which your address forwards. If you set this address as your identity in your mail program, mail from people replying to you will be forwarded from To request a free forwarding address or full POP account, please send a request with your three top name options, in order of preference, to .

If you want a full POP email account to be your true email account, these are available for a one-off donation of $20. The address is then yours for life or for as long as you want to keep it, whether you remain a WPM member or not.

It is not a forwarding address, and whatever your normal ISP is, you will be able to set your mail program to retrieve email from This offer is valid for as long as the WPM uses HostingMasters as its domain host (we have no plans to change), and as long as HostingMasters are in existence and maintain the terms of their current terms and agreements. Should any of this change we will do our level best to honor the commitment.